Redefine efficiency

Delivery Robot - T8

Delivery Robot - T8

Fast, Agile & Incredibly Smart


Supreme Passibility of Narrow Paths

Positioning that is accurate to the centimeter for smooth passibility of ultra-narrow paths

New Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

2+1 binocular vision plan that features 204° dynamic real-time obstacle detection for safer and more flexible traveling

New Pickup Features for Improved Experience

Multimodal Interaction

Multimodal Interaction

Multimodal interaction incorporates lighting, voice, and animation for more intuitive pickup prompts

300° Opening

300° Opening

The highly convenient pickup structure features car-grade magnalium support and a high-strength steel body with reinforcements, ensuring stability and safety at all times

Replete! Peanut will go on work Dingdong ~~the robot is coming Dear, enjoy the dishes, please, other delicacies will be served soon I’m here, Master. Please tell me what to do Here comes the little Peanut , pretty and smart. Excuse me A buddy is passing through. I'll wait here for a while Accrossing thousands of miles , finally I here Self-service snacks are here. Welocome to taste them It is time for me to distribute things again Don't be so fascinated by me, please. I am really busy
Innovative Intelligent Voices
Kaleidoscopic Visual Interaction
An absolute eye-catcher with three color schemes and full RGB ambient lighting
Autonomous Positioning & Navigation
SLAM Localization & Map Construction System

The robot can run stably and efficiently in restaurants and other application scenarios. High positioning accuracy and robustness thanks to the encoder, gyroscope (IMU), lidarodom, LIDAR, image module, UWB, and more


  • Product Size(W*D*H)
    Maximum Speed
  • Tray Dimension
    Maximum Angle
    ≤ 5°
  • Robot Weight
    Battery Life
    13-16h (Label); 9-12h (Laser)
  • Load Capacity
    20kg (5kg per layer with bottom layer capacity up to 10kg)
    Charging Time
    About 5h
  • Operating Environment
    Indoor, flat and smooth ground, dust-free