Who are we?

Keenon Robotics Co., Ltd. is an artificial intelligence enterprise committed to providing intelligent unmanned delivery solutions for global enterprises. Founded in 2010, Keenon Robotics is headquartered in Shanghai and has set up 56 marketing operation centers nationwide. By applying advanced intelligent service robots and AI technology, the Company has created efficient, stable, reliable and practical solutions, helping enterprises in various industries around the world improve service efficiency and realize intelligent upgrading. At present, the Company serves customers from various fields, including catering, medical care, hotel, venue, business office, community pension, and airports. With stable and reliable products, rich global project experience, and efficient and high-quality after-sales service, Keenon Robotics has become the partner of many other well-known brands at home and abroad, including Haidilao, Banu Hotpot, Grandma's Home, Xin Bai Lu, Sichuan Xiangtianxia, Guangzhou Restaurant, and Spacelab Zero Gravity Restaurant.

Global Coverage

Up to now, Keenon robots have served in over 500 cities in 34 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions across China, and have entered various overseas countries and regions, such as the United States, Germany, Canada, Italy, and South Korea.

Our development path


With the outbreak of COVID-19, more than 100 hospitals and quarantine area in China used our delivery robot for unmanned distribution.
200 million yuan round B financing is completed, mainly invested by Source Code Capital.
Medical distribution robot M1 and the disinfection robot M2 was released.
T1 won the German Red Dot Award
Our robots was used in the cafe for the first time—the world's first 24-hour unmanned coffee shop.
Our robots was used in the library for the first time—Japan's first smart library.


We started to establish branch companies in other cities in China; and released the food delivery robots T5 and T6.


We helped to build Haidilao's first smart restaurant in the world and successfully entered the overseas market; and released the food delivery robots T2, Haidilaorobot.


The company moved to Jinqiao in Shanghai, and “Peanut” delivery robot completed mass production.


The third generation of food delivery robot “Peanut” was released, and we completed tens of millions round A financing.


The second generation of pure laser navigation food delivery robot was released, with sales amount over 10 million yuan.


The first generation of orbital restaurant service robot "Xiao Lang" was released.


We transformed from educational robots to service robots with a larger market scale.


We focused on educational robots.


Keenon Robotic Co. Ltd was established.


Industry Honor
Shanghai Hi-tech Enterprise
2019 World Artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition Robot Direction "First"
China's Best Commercial Robotics Enterprise 2019

China's Best Commercial Robot in 2018

Submarine salvage outstanding contribution partner in 2018
Chappek 2019 Best Investment Value Award

Chapeake 2019 New Entrepreneur Award (Li Tong)
TOP10 of the most popular anti-epidemic robot in 2020
Vanguard Outstanding Contribution Award 2020
Best Scene Application Enterprise Award 2018
Media honor
  • 2019 Artificial Intelligence Enterprise TOP30
  • 2020 Best Anti-epidemic TOP100 in China
  • 2019 Artificial Intelligence Case TOP100
  • TOP25 of Domestic Robot Enterprises
  • 2020 Private Enterprise Science and Technology Innovation 100
  • China Artificial Intelligence Robot Enterprise TOP30 2019
  • Artificial Intelligence Enterprise TOP100 2018
  • China cool tech TOP100 2019-2020
  • 2019 Artificial Intelligence Classic Case TOP100
  • 2017 Artificial Intelligence Enterprise TOP100



1. 负责公司机器人产品Android应用开发和维护
2. 负责公司机器人产品的SDK开发与维护
3. 编写SDK相关的技术和说明文档
4. 配合其他开发人员、测试人员,完成产品设计


1. 负责公司机器人产品Android应用开发和维护
2. 负责公司机器人产品的SDK开发与维护
3. 编写SDK相关的技术和说明文档
4. 配合其他开发人员、测试人员,完成产品设计


1. 负责公司机器人产品Android应用开发和维护
2. 负责公司机器人产品的SDK开发与维护
3. 编写SDK相关的技术和说明文档
4. 配合其他开发人员、测试人员,完成产品设计

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