In the era of AI and IOT

Robots will bring you a new hotel experience!

Delivery is a basic function of robots. We hope that through the robot + unmanned container + cloud management platform + IoT system,
we can provide you with a safer, warmer and smarter intelligent solution, developing a smart hotel ecosystem,
driving an intelligent revolution of the hotel industry and creating higher value for hotels.

Robots’ Service Functions

Warm service

Leading the era of smart hotel

W3 is not a cold delivery machine, but an android of humanized design, whose eyes, mouth, neck, and waist are clearly visible.
It has a smooth, caring, and friendly emotional design.
The core of the appearance design is to use arcs and flat curves and avoid protruding edges and corners, making the man-machine interaction warmer.
The new interpretation of three classic colors brings a full sense of technology
creating a brand-new hotel experience.
  • Sea salt blue
  • Noble gold
  • High-class grey

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Understand You Better

All-day, All-time, All-scene service

Equipped with KEENON's self-developed fully autonomous positioning and navigation technology, the robot realizes automatic learning of the location of hotel passages,
elevators and guest rooms. It can automatically plan the optimal path for navigation, determine the moving path,
avoid people and obstacles, take the elevator, and make a phone call, performing all services alone without being accompanied,
reducing the hotel labor cost and improving operation efficiency.

Intelligent Robot Management Background

the service status is under control

KEENON provides an intelligent robot management background.
Users can obtain the digital trajectory of robot operation, commodity sales data of vending machines,
and IoT operation data at any time, truly realizing unmanned intelligent distribution.

Product Parameters

  • Product Size(W*D*H)
  • Product Weight
  • Maximum Angle
    ≤ 5°
  • Maximum Speed
  • Minimum Passage Width
  • Charging Time
  • Battery Life
  • Battery Capacity
    DC 48V 12Ah
  • Number of Cabins
  • Load Capacity
    20kg (10kg per layer)
  • Cabin Size
  • Operating System
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