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  • 01 Certification authority

    The robot has passed the inspection and certification of the CMA certification body,
    and can achieve air + surface disinfection and sterilization
  • 02 Spray disinfection module

    Ultra-dry mist particles below 10μm, the mist is fine and uniform, and there is no dead corner. The spray effect meets the "Disinfection Technical Specification", and the killing rate of bacteria in the air is as high as 99.9999%
  • 03 UV sterilization module

    The irradiance of the ultraviolet lamp meets the requirements of GB19258 and the "Technical Specification for Disinfection",
    and the irradiance intensity of each lamp is 200µW/cm²
    (Measure at 1m)
  • 04 Fully autonomous positioning and navigation

    Industry-leading brand-new composite positioning and navigation technology to achieve long-term stable operation in complex environments and a wider range of robots

Intelligent obstacle avoidance

Equipped with a new 360-degree omnidirectional obstacle avoidance technology to fully perceive indoor
dynamics + suspended obstacles and react instantly to automatically bypass obstacles.

Autonomous ride

Equipped with a robot elevator IOT module, ride the elevator autonomously,
and provide cross-floor disinfection and epidemic prevention services

Multi-machine collaboration

Through independent research and development of the communication system, intelligent coordination and AI distributed
scheduling are realized to ensure that multi-robot collaboration, safe and efficient completion of disinfection tasks.


  • Size
    500*500*1350 mm
  • Maximum speed
  • capacity
  • Network Interface
  • Spray parameters
    The amount of mist is 0.5-1.5L/h,
    The spray particle size is less than 10µm
  • Battery Capacity
    DC 48V 15Ah
  • Number of ultrasonic atomization groups
    6 sets of ultra-dry mistatomization
  • Rated Power
  • Applicable disinfectant
    Hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid, peracetic acid, etc.
  • Standby current
  • UV radiation intensity
    >200µW/cm² (Measure at 1m)
  • Battery life
  • Number of UV groups
    four short-wave UV-C lamp
  • Standby time
  • Product Weight
  • Life Span
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