KEENON Robotics Hosts CSI Investment Institute at Shanghai Headquarters: A Hub of Innovation

Recently, KEENON Robotics had the privilege of hosting approximately 75  investors from Thailand's CSI Investment Institute at the Shanghai headquarters. This visit provided a valuable opportunity to showcase KEENON’s cutting-edge technology and robotics while sharing key insights into the rapidly evolving delivery robot market in Thailand.

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As the investors explored the showroom, featuring an impressive display of robots and a captivating journey through the company's history, KEENON had the opportunity of demonstrating the capabilities and applications of some of the latest models, including the DINERBOT T10, DINERBOT T3, KEENON S100, BUTLERBOT W3 and KEENON Healthcare medical delivery robots series. The attendees showed a keen interest in the robotic solutions, engaging in fruitful discussions about their potential impact on the Thai market.

Toward the conclusion of the visit, KEENON provided a comprehensive overview of the service robots and offered a detailed company introduction. This exchange of knowledge and ideas further solidified KEENON’s commitment to fostering strong partnerships and collaborations with  institutions like the CSI Investment Institute and businesses in Thailand. KEENON believes in actively engaging with the local business ecosystem to contribute to the growth and development of the robotics industry in Thailand.

The CSI Investor Training Program, founded in 2012 by Associate Professor Dr. Sangsidh Piriyarangsan and Dr. Veraphong Chutipat, was designed to empower retail investors to thrive in the evolving economic landscape. Initially part of the College of Social Innovation at Rangsit University, the program gave rise to the CSI (Certificate in Strategic Investment for Optimal Return) course.

As part of a broader university restructuring initiative, the CSI program evolved into the independent entity known today as the "CSI Investment Institute." Over the years, CSI has facilitated enriching experiences for its investors, including visits to stock exchanges such as The Hong Kong Stock Exchange, The Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange, The SIX Swiss Exchange, and Euronext. Additionally, investors have had visited companies including BYD and Huawei in China, and Vinamilk and Mobile World Group in Vietnam. During this China visit, in addition to KEENON Robotics, CSI also visited Alibaba, Baidu, Goumee International, NIO and HIK Vision.

The visit from CSI Investment Institute reflects KEENON’s dedication to nurturing international partnerships and driving advancements in the field of robotics through knowledge exchange and collaboration. KEENON Robotics eagerly anticipates future opportunities to connect with innovative organizations like CSI in the shared pursuit of innovation and growth.