Big Enough

Strong Enough

With 160 liters large capacity, 50 kg large loading capacity, a decent and practical square body, powerful motor configuration,
T2 can be seen as a great model of food delivery robots, providing uninterrupted services and bringing a better experience.

Enclosed cabin

Safer delivery

With the brand-new enclosed structure and automatic cleaning of the inner cabin, there is zero contact and zero pollution during the dish distribution process.
Free of saliva droplets, customers are more relieved. Double-sided door design makes dish taking easy and direct, saving both time and labour.

Double waterproof

Enjoy a clean experience

The IPX5 level waterproof inner cabin resists all kinds of liquid invasion, keeping the body as clean as new;
the superior water-resistant shell is waterproof, dust-proof, and oil-proof.

Robust chassis

Core value

The vehicle-grade robot chassis has super obstacle overcoming ability and obstacle avoidance ability,
thus ensuring autonomous adaptation to a variety of complex ground environments and smooth and safe two-way travelling.


All in one

Food Delivery Mode

The super-large multi-layer adjustable pallets can flexibly meet different distribution needs.

Plate Collecting Mode

With the super-large space, several tables can be cleared at one time,
which alleviates the busy peak period of the restaurant and realizes quick table turnover.

Smart Bracelet Call

No contact, more convenient

The robot is equipped with a new smart call bracelet, and it only takes one step to call
the robot and give the delivery instruction, which is simple and convenient.

Various colors

All are pretty

  • Business grey
  • Floating Purple
  • Champaign Golden

Product Parameters

  • Product Size(W*D*H)
  • Product Weight
  • Maximum Angle
    ≤ 5°
  • Maximum Speed
  • Minimum Passage Width
  • Charging Time
  • Battery Life
  • Battery Capacity
    DC 48V 12Ah
  • Number of Layers
  • Load Capacity
    40kg (10kg per layer with bottom layer capacity up to 20kg)
  • Layer Size
  • Operating System
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